Welcome to Søstrene 

Søstrene is a land of danger and adventure set on islands in the Tomran Ocean. Drimir to the west and Nosmir to the east are the main land masses that comprise Søstrene, but they are hardly the only ones. Other, more exotic islands and archipelagos lie within a fortnight's journey by ship, home to hidden terrors and threats to the people of Søstrene.

Søstrene is home to many diverse races and creatures. Elves, halflings, dwarves, gnomes, and orcs live alongside humans each with their own traditions, religions and culture. Beyond the races of "civilization," the islands of Søstrene are home to magical creatures. From the tiniest pixies to the larges dragons, these creatures have found ways to carve out territory to call their own, and they are willing to defend what is their with their dying breath.

So adventurers, take up your sword or bow or spellbook and prepare to fight for your lives in the quest for gold pieces and that sweet, sweet loot! But try not to start any genocides, please.

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